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We are thrilled to announce the Level AI X-Prize. This is a chance for our team to showcase their skills in marketing automation and artificial intelligence by coming up with the most innovative use of ChatGPT or similar AI tools.

A grand prize of $5,000 is up for grabs, along with $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place, for the team or individuals who participate.

Speeding up Adoption Accelerates Innovation

“Agencies that win with AI win because they see past the buzzword and invest in lots of different applications and capabilities that drive value for their clients,” said President and COO, Patrick Van Gorder.

“We’re jumpstarting this leg of our AI journey by throwing the challenge out to our incredible frontline team: pitch us innovative solutions that solve your daily challenges or grow your client’s business.

Also, competitions are fun, especially when there’s a significant prize on the line.”

At Level, we are celebrating the power of AI and its impact on the marketing industry. With even more tools on the horizon, we want to reward our employees’ exciting thinking in this area and encourage them to think big.

Finding a Problem to Solve

What types of problems are the teams solving? Speeding the creative process has been a common starting place. Some teams are looking for ways to identify trends and opportunities in customer purchase behavior and optimize their journeys.

Jordan Grace, Data Manager II and Lead of our Business Intelligence Group, is enthusiastic about the project because it gives him an opportunity to solve a simple but powerful problem.

“Being around in the early 2000’s as a developer, you had a book or threads to find an answer. The 2010’s came around and searching for your answers became easier with Google. And now with AI we take the next leap, with assistance and quicker identification of an answer.”

How to Participate

To be eligible to win, you must be a current Level employee.

Employees must come up with a use case for implementing or creating AI tools to solve a business problem. They must write a short case study of 1,000 words or less explaining their idea and how they plan to implement it, including relevant supporting materials, such as diagrams or sprint plans. Teams are encouraged provide a “proof of concept” or prototype demonstrating some level of success with the proposed use case. Entries are due by March 31, 2023.

The Senior Management Team will evaluate submissions based on the originality, feasibility, impact, and quality of the implementation plan. The winning submission will not only snag the cash prize, but also the opportunity to present their idea to the Level Agency Board of Directors.

We can’t wait to see the amazing ideas that our talented employees will come up with.

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