In 2010, a small crew of coders, strategists, and creatives working in higher education marketing founded Level Agency. They set ambitious targets for their clients — and beat them — growing with each successful quarter. How’d they do it? Take the craft and storytelling of marketing and back it up with measurable digital strategies. Track everything against that client goal. Today, this is the norm, and it’s called performance marketing.

We’re bigger now, with a wider range of services. But we’re also more agile and capable than ever.  As our staff went remote, and as our growth accelerated, we formed
cross-functional teams that focus expertise on tight groups of clients. Our Centers of Excellence promote great ideas agency-wide. And our executive board includes some of the most innovative marketers around.

All the hard work and focused energy has paid off, with significant growth year after year. And we’re just getting started. We’re looking for fearless thinkers to become a part of our story — as 
part of our team, or as a client partner.

Collage of Level staff engaged in various activities and events over the years with the word Level overlaid.

About Level

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with employees working across the U.S., Level’s performance marketing expertise combines the art and science of marketing to drive results for our partners. Our dedicated cross-functional teams support clients in higher-edbusiness to business (B2B)Ecommerce, and growth segments. They deliver the strategic, creative, and paid media support needed to realize their most ambitious growth goals. They’re supported by Centers of Excellence in creative, strategy, media, and data disciplines. We’re 85 people strong, and that number will be too low by the time you read this. Explore opportunities to join our team on the Careers page.

Our Approach

We’ve cooked up a system that looks ahead, always. It anticipates and measures changes in the market. It seeks to understand consumer behavior and respond. After all, achieving killer performance is great and all, but what works today won’t work tomorrow. This hypothesis-driven framework applies the scientific method to your marketing challenges. We call it Test. Learn. Grow. How does it work? We use design thinking principles to understand rapidly changing consumer challenges, formulate hypotheses, and develop creative prototypes. Does every experiment succeed? No. But we only double down on what does. The Test. Learn. Grow. framework helps us evolve. It helps our partners understand their customers. And it spends your money as efficiently as possible.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Level Agency is committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. We believe that our agency and our leadership team should be a representative and richly-diverse cross-section of the people of our country. We believe that diversity of ideas and experiences leads to better client results. We believe that our hiring practices and cultural norms must support inclusivity, and that it will take ongoing investment and focus on these principles to drive sustained progress.

DEI Council Community Agreements

What are Community Agreements? “A consensus on what every person in our group needs from each other and commits to each other in order to feel safe, supported, open, productive and trusting… so that we can do our best work achieve our common vision, and serve our clients well.” Our Community Agreements
  1. Be willing to grow and learn: Ask why, be curious, be present and engaged, come in with a growth a mindset, be open to being wrong, be willing to change, be comfortable outside of your comfort zone, get to the root.
  2. Listen openly: Assume good intentions, give the benefit of doubt, appreciate and respect the POV others.
  3. Respond thoughtfully and respectfully: Be honest and vulnerable, don’t be defensive, listen to understand not to respond, speak for yourself, not others, attack the problem not the person.
  4. Encourage courage: Notice and address power dynamics, create space for truth, make this a “brave” space for all participants.