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At Level, we keep our finger on the pulse of the digital advertising world. As part of the top 3% of agencies worldwide with Google Premier Partner status, we’re all about leveraging the great tools that Google provides to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

The purpose of this piece is to introduce you to one of Google Ads’ newest tools – the Ads Transparency Center.

What is it? 

Google’s Ads Transparency Center is like a backstage pass to the ads you see on Google Search, YouTube, and Display.

This searchable database offers valuable information on ads from verified advertisers within the past 30 days. Users can access essential details about the ads, including the regions they were displayed in, the last date they ran, and the ad format.

The Opportunity for Digital Marketing Teams

At Level, we see the move towards increased transparency as a valuable opportunity for research. We can use the Ads Transparency Center to examine our competitors’ ad designs and copy, enabling us to create more targeted and effective Google Ads campaigns for our clients.

Here’s how Level Plans to Utilize the Ads Transparency Center

  1. Competitive Analysis: By reviewing our competitors’ ads, we can identify trends, gaps, and opportunities in the market. This information allows us to develop strategic and customized approaches to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Ad Design Inspiration: Access to a wide range of ads from various industries enables us to learn from top-performing ads and create visually appealing and engaging designs for our clients.
  3. Copywriting Insights: Analyzing successful ad copy provides us with valuable knowledge about messages that resonate with the target audience. This helps us create compelling copy for our clients’ ads.
  4. Performance Benchmarking: By examining ads in the Ads Transparency Center, we can gain a better understanding of industry standards and trends. This enables us to set realistic performance benchmarks for our clients’ campaigns and aim for continuous improvement.
  5. Ad Compliance: The Ads Transparency Center also assists us in ensuring our clients’ ads adhere to Google’s ad policies. By staying current with the latest policy changes and requirements, we can design compliant ads that yield results without risking disapproval or penalties.

At Level, we’re passionate about staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising. Google’s new Ads Transparency Center is an exciting development that will help us create even more impactful campaigns for our clients. As a Google Premier Partner, we’re committed to leveraging this tool to its fullest potential. 

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