Did Coffee Drive More Leads in 2022?

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A Level Agency Year by the Numbers

I think I speak for all of my colleagues when I look back at the past year and say, “Dang.” 2022 was a year of incredible growth and development not only for our clients but for the agency as a whole. So we decided to pull some stats, poll our people, and piece together a picture of this past year in measures that together tell a much bigger story than numbers alone ever could.  

We discussed a bunch of them in our latest episode of the Test. Learn. Grow. podcast. Here are some of my favorites.  

Babies Born: 5 

We could have seen this coming. A little while back Level Agency introduced a generous parental leave policy for all employees (8 weeks!), and our people are taking us up on it! This extends to both our CEO AND our President & COO, and it fills Slack threads with adorable pics.  

Congrats to our new parents! And speaking of Slack… 

Slack Messages Sent: 930,000+ 

It’s a productivity tool, where we kick around big challenges in spend pacing and audience targeting. It’s where we share industry news and interesting campaigns. And it’s a town hall, where we share music recommendations and recipes.  

Cups of Coffee Consumed: 27,282 

This highly scientific measurement was based on a statistically significant sample of Level employees, fed through a rigorous regression analysis by our data team, the same folks who oversee omnichannel lead scoring. We also have a few tea drinkers (why?) who deflate our totals. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Level runs on coffee, especially our West Coast colleagues starting the day at 6 a.m.  So it should be no surprise that significant gains in marketing performance followed… 

Leads Generated: 100,000+ 

Ecommerce ROAS: $35,184,190.39  (that’s 9X) 

Total Media Spend: $40 million+ 

We could go on about our last year’s performance stats. Our clients partner with us because they don’t just want pretty ads and functional websites (though we’re really good at those) — they want an agency that can connect what they do to revenue. We’re even better at that. With client business comes agency growth. That happened too. 

Agency Growth: +42% Year-over-year 

People Hired: 36 

New Clients: 14 

We’re proud of these numbers, second only to the client performance stats above. When we’re successful, it means new faces inside the agency who introduce expertise and perspectives to everyone. It also means new partners who bring us exciting challenges. That’s what keeps us going.  

This is only a sampling of our 2022 story. Listen to our year-end podcast for more fun stats and highlights. Or, if you’re curious about how we could generate leads and revenue for your business, get in touch. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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