In his tenure as president & CEO of Level Agency, Patrick Patterson oversaw its transformation from a pioneering, fast-growing higher education shop into the performance-marketing powerhouse it is today. Under his leadership, the agency’s revenue grew 30% or more annually; its profit margin increased 4X; its marketing spend now tops $50M annually, and its capabilities have broadened to offer more complementary services for more industries.

Great marketing starts with asking great questions. From the outset of his career, Patterson applied his background in computer science and math to the challenge of reaching and engaging audiences (and carefully measuring every result). In an industry increasingly driven by automation and machine learning, he excelled, ultimately managing a $30+ million budget for Education Management Corporation. Patrick then took his passion for creating value to product development, implementing lean methodology at a technology startup that focused on using data to drive efficient sales enablement.

His drive for efficiency, performance, and continuous improvement led him to join agency founder Thomas Donohoe in 2012 to oversee Level’s operations and strategic direction – eventually purchasing the company in 2021 with his partner, Patrick Van Gorder.

Patterson’s vision for Level Agency is to be the go-to performance marketing agency when clients want real, measurable results. Reaching this goal requires an uncompromising commitment to performance: platform excellence, compelling creative, client partnership, growth mindset, and constant innovation. By surrounding himself with talented, adaptable colleagues, he knows he’s set the agency up for success.