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Level Agency has been implementing Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) with many of our clients, and there is a learning curve to understanding and adapting to this format. Responsive Search requires each ad group to have many interchangeable headlines and descriptions, which are swapped into the three headline and two description slots depending upon the user’s search and past ad performance. Each ad can have up to 15 headlines and four descriptions. Important elements can be “pinned” to show in every result. According to Search Engine Land, Google is rolling out new features designed to streamline the process, as well as give more immediate feedback on ad strength.

These features include automatic headline suggestions, the ability to import headlines from traditional search ads, and real-time ad strength reporting. Google is clearly investing in the platform with features designed to get advertisers to embrace it.

Level Insight: As new RSA features become available, Level will continue to fine-tune client search ads based on performance, and use RSAs whenever it makes sense (i.e., there is sufficient volume to optimize results). So far, so good: We have seen increased click-through rates in RSAs by as much as 20% vs. their Expanded Text Ad counterparts.

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