How Milli Bank Transformed Financial Empowerment Through a Strategic Communication Architecture

The Ambition

Milli Bank, a newcomer in the app-based banking sector, aimed to establish a unique communication architecture to stand out in a saturated market. Launched in late 2022, the objective for 2023 was clear: drive brand awareness and engage customers in a three-step process involving app download, account setup, and initial deposit, ultimately securing long-term funding.

The Approach

To achieve this, we deployed a match market message testing strategy, focusing on two key audience segments: Savers and Spenders. This approach facilitated a full funnel campaign, tailoring communications to build awareness, drive consideration, and convert through urgency and simplicity. Our multi-channel strategy spanned digital video, OTT/streaming TV, social media, display advertising, retargeting, native advertising, financial quizzes, and games, optimized through a continual Test Learn Grow process.

The Results

This comprehensive strategy exceeded our media goals by 45% by the end of 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored approach in a competitive field.