Range & Marketing: Diverse Backgrounds to Deliver Stellar Results 

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The best business strategies lie in the most unexpected places. In our latest episode of Test. Learn. Grow., our hosts Myles Biggs and Allyn Reynolds explore the idea of what success looks like and how leveraging a diverse background of employees can lead to a better business. Listen as they sit down with two of Level Agency’s finest examples – Timbre Wolf (Data Analyst) and Keefer Kopco (Team Lead – EDU-2), as they share their own personal journeys from varying backgrounds into the world of marketing, and how they have successfully integrated their unique skill sets to help accelerate their client’s growth.

Rather listen than read? In this podcast episode, listen as our hosts dive into the question of what success looks like, how leveraging a diverse background of people can lead to a stronger team and, most importantly, how that directly impacts your business when it comes to engaging a marketing agency. We hear from Level Agency’s Timbre Wolf (Data Analyst) and Keefer Kopco (Team Lead – EDU-2) as they discuss their unique skill sets and personal journey into the digital marketing world, and what impact that has had for their clients. 


Are you a Generalist or a Specialist? Why Range Matters in Marketing.  
Think about how you measure success. What do you think it takes to become successful? There is an often-cited idea – made famous by author Malcolm Gladwell – that in order to become a specialist in one’s field, to be “successful”, you need to practice a particular skillset for at least 10,000 hours. While this may be true and necessary for certain people in certain occupations (any type of surgeon for example), there is an equally strong argument that advocates for leveraging a diverse background of people in order to build a stronger and more diverse team. A team that can deal well within a rapidly changing environment, just like that of the digital marketing world.  
When you have a company that is made up of people from the same places with the same experiences, you can become stagnant. Growth stems from ingenuity, the type of ingenuity that can’t be found when everyone is coming up with the same ideas based on the same experiences. Instead, success is best displayed and achieved by those people who start broad and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives while they progress. Marketers with range. People without 10,000 hours. 

Diverse Backgrounds to Deliver Stellar Results 

To illustrate how range and marketing go hand in hand, we take a deep dive into the journeys of two stellar marketers within the Level Agency team. 
Timbre Wolf, a data analyst with a background in physics and mathematics, explains how her analytical mindset and ability to understand algorithms and numbers have helped bring a different perspective to her client’s marketing – “I get to play with data. I get to see ways to optimize.”  

In one of her most recent projects, Timbre successfully pulled together all the data for a company that was previously struggling with oversight of where and how they allocated their marketing budget. Through these insights, Level was able to strategically distribute the client’s funds to better boost their business. While at the same time, creating a single platform of data to clear up the ‘fuzz’ around the numbers and allow the Level team to re-imagine marketing efficiency by grounding creative decisions in the data.    

EDU-2 Team Lead, Keefer Kopco, had a much different path: from the film industry to running a side hustle blogging with a focus on SEO and content marketing, to now successfully managing an entire team within the agency. He brings his own unique perspective and problem-solving mindset to help achieve optimal results for his clients. “[Digital Marketing] is the grand equalizer in terms of success… it makes it a lot easier, I think, for the little guy to kind of stand on toes with his competitors.” It is this tenacity of being able to solve the problem, be flexible, and see the potential for success for his clients no matter how big or small, that has had the biggest impact on his success as a marketer.  

The Level Agency Difference – Our ‘So What?’ 
“What makes our agency so great and the work we do so successful, is that people are able to bring their outside life experiences into their work.” 

The many lenses through which Level Agency team members look at both marketing problems and possibilities are, in many ways, representative of the very people we are trying to target on behalf of our clients. Simply put – individuals who come from varying backgrounds can better understand the people we are trying to reach, which in turn results in better work. 
Anyone can be successful at marketing – but to find success at Level Agency, what makes our individuals high-performing no matter their background, is a curiosity mindset and a hunger for growth. Not just hunger for personal growth, but a hunger to see our clients grow too.  
If this sounds like you, visit our careers page. We are always looking for individuals with unique backgrounds to bring new experiences to Level Agency! 

If you want to learn more about how Level Agency leverages employees’ unique perspectives, skill sets, and experiences to help better inform your business’s marketing strategy, please reach out. We would love to hear from you.  

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