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7+ features you’ll only find in the new AdWords interface

Google is learning new things about your customers; now we take advantage of them. From Search Engine Land:

“Going forward, we can expect Google to keep rolling out new features in the New AdWords Experience instead of the current interface.”

Level Insight:

  • New capabilities are coming to let you target your search ads to the people most likely to purchase your products, based both on their level of intent and whether they can afford it. Utilizing these new features will help you reduce costs of the campaign by reducing the number of clicks that don’t convert. We’ll be careful with the household income targeting for our B2B campaigns, and it will be interesting to see how Google could enable similar targeting in the future based on business data.
  • Enhanced analytics will provide a more holistic view of marketing efforts within Google and how they translate into behavior outside of the platform. However, this feature is only available for brands with larger AdWords budgets. We will keep you informed if Google makes these analytics available to marketers working with smaller ad spends.
  • It is worth noting the patterns of the platform’s evolution. The continued addition of extensions — of which we take advantage currently — indicates the efficacy of these features and their ability to earn clicks on the SERPs. Enhanced data visualizations and the continued incorporation of offline customer behavior into analytics is yet another indicator of the sophistication of data gathering and customer tracking in this digital world where each footprint is growing to fit into a Shaq-sized shoe.

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