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In a world where FacebookGoogle, and companies across other industries are facing data breaches, there are grave concerns about ethical data sourcing, particularly for our larger clients. These concerns include the legal ramifications of lax data management and security.With the European data protection regulation (GDPR)  now in effect, some of our clients have ceased cookie usage in Europe altogether. We are actively working with others to update privacy policies, if they haven’t already. Now that similar legislation is coming into effect soon in California, some are even pulling out of pixel- and email-based remarketing efforts entirely, even for unaffected countries like the US, until they wrap their heads around the legal implications of using this core digital marketing tactic. And where California goes, other states will surely follow.
Google Trends, Retrieved 11/30/2018

Platforms like Facebook and Google have tried to be more transparent about their marketing tactics, including telling users how individuals are targeted with ads. Even so, with data breaches only increasing over time, users are paying attention. “Ethical Data” searches are steadily on the rise this year vs. previous years. Meanwhile, data breaches have happened so often, and with so many companies (here’s a list of 16 in 2018) that there might be a bit of learned helplessness or general complacency. For advertisers, this sad situation may mitigate some of the pressure from users.
Finally, those companies that haven’t had significant news surrounding data breaches and scrutinized targeting practices, like LinkedIn, regularly highlight how trusted a source they are vs. their competition. Business Insider has a third-party view on this, which LinkedIn regularly touts first during their “value propositions” discussions with agencies.

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