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Eric Liu, Ph.D., MBA has joined Level Agency’s Executive Team and will oversee further investments in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Level Agency is excited to announce the addition of Eric Liu, Ph.D., MBA in the role of Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics. He brings over fifteen years of experience building and leading highly complex, cross-functional programs and projects at Fortune 500 and global brands like Verizon, CVS Health, and At Home Group. Liu is also an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University, teaching regular classes for the master’s program in Applied Machine Intelligence.

While other digital marketing firms only react to data points made available through existing advertising and analytics platforms, this investment into the future of enterprise data and analytics places Level Agency in a completely different conversation. Level will now proactively drive conversations around machine learning and artificial intelligence, creating propriety tools to shift the narrative from “what happened?” to “here’s what is going to happen”.

“Our vision for Level Agency is to become the number one digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, and beyond,” explains Patrick Patterson, Managing Partner and President. “Data is becoming a bigger driver within digital marketing, making it essential for us to grow our teams devoted to leveraging its power. We are elated to have Eric on the team and we’re all looking forward to the growth we know he will bring.”

Liu shares in the excitement described by Patterson:

“This is right people, right timing, and right place. Level has a clear vision. I know that with my experience and skills I can help get the company there. I believe that Level Agency is one of the most productive, efficient organizations I have ever seen. I firmly believe that as we build up the Enterprise Data & Analytics Center of Excellence, we can empower our team and our clients to achieve whatever their goals are.”

To help achieve Level’s long-term vision for growth, Liu plans to build a robust data team with the agency, covering all areas of data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data security, and business intelligence and reporting.

“Data is only part of the story. We’re never short on data. Another key component involves analyzing the data to provide solutions. We’re going to develop a new architectural design to better understand, collect, and clean up our customer’s data to make it ready for our proprietary machine learning algorithms and AI-powered marketing solutions.”

Eric Liu, Vice President of Enterprise Data & Analytics

In his first months on the team, Liu has already demonstrated what is possible when the above statement is put into action. Liu and Level’s data team developed a solution to detect data discrepancies in platform spend pacing and then automatically notify the proper team members to take corrective action. This new automation reduces repetitious reporting and frees up agency resources to focus on more strategic objectives. According to Liu, this is only the beginning:

“If you look at our competitors, most are not equipped with the resources, vision, or ambition to tackle this. They can talk about data, machine learning, or AI, but there is no plan to invest into the space. So, once we put our plan into action, we will solidify our role as a leader in the digital marketing agency space.”

Patterson agrees:

“I envision a future where Level Agency is known as a leader in the world of marketing data and analytics. We will use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and thoughtful automations to remove obstacles from our team members path, clearing the way for thoughtful strategy and a more effective use of our client’s resources.”

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