Listen Up!: Facebook Introduces Sound Collection


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What You Should Know:

  • Through its new Sound Collection, Facebook will now be offering users access to a library of audio tracks and sound effects that can be added to videos shared on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Sound Collection offers a mix of songs, vocals, noises, and instrumental tracks spanning multiple genres, all of which are owned by Facebook and free to all users, including advertisers.
  • Facebook has announced that discovery tools will also be added to the Sound Collection so users can learn about the music they’re using, follow artists they like, and browse the library by genre, mood, length, and vocals.

Level Insight:
We fully support Facebook’s mission to provide users with quality tools to improve their videos, and having a library of free resources built into the platform could certainly be beneficial when working on a project that’s time sensitive or has a limited budget. However, though 2,000+ different sound options may seem like a lot, we could easily see Facebook becoming oversaturated with videos using the same songs and noises if the Sound Collection gains popularity and Facebook doesn’t expand its library quickly enough to keep up with demand. To ensure that our video ads are standing out from the crowd, we will most likely minimize our use of the Sound Collection and instead continue to utilize custom audio and exclusive stock audio sites with more unique sound and song offerings.

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