Omni-Channel Digital Advertising

Level’s data-driven portfolio approach to digital advertising delivers real, measurable return on investment for your business.

Advanced paid search lets you compete with global leaders.

In today’s competitive paid search marketplace, deep Google/Bing/Yahoo! expertise and perfection is the expectation. Rightfully so. To be a best-in-class digital marketing partner, an agency should have SEM working flawlessly and efficiently less than 60 days after taking control of the account — across any industry, B2B or B2C. It is no longer a point of differentiation; it's an expectation that Level Agency meets.

Our experienced search engine media buyers employ sophisticated industry-specific mobile and desktop search marketing strategies to maximize customer generation through this critical bottom-of-funnel channel. By taking advantage of advanced strategic components in search advertising, we maximize your reach and converted inquiries at a cost per acquisition that makes sense to your KPI thresholds.

The bottom line: Handcuffed to the channel, most agencies over-rely on their SEM teams and spend clients' budgets inefficiently. Because Level has digital experts across every direct response-viable digital channel, we treat SEM efficiently and beholden to data and a positive ROI.

Strategic social advertising offers unprecedented audience targeting.

We have been at the forefront of social media’s transformation into an exciting direct-response advertising channel. For both B2B and B2C clients, the targeted reach and ROI of paid social media advertising rivals or exceeds that of paid search. With precise and data-driven audience targeting, vigilant monitoring of evolving algorithms, and creative agility, we continue to lead the conversation.

Best-in-class direct-response digital agencies see paid social as an essential channel. Paid social requires focusing talent on the future of this consumer vehicle like a client's ROI depends on it... because, often, it does. The world of digital direct-response marketing is more than search engines in this century, and Level is at the leading edge.

Programmatic display advertising delivers direct and indirect results.

Audience-specific programmatic display advertising is more than an industry buzzword; it’s a revolutionary, user-centric way to think about your display retargeting and prospecting.

By formulating bidding strategies around a huge range of third- and first-party data segments and using advanced algorithmic learning and media mix analysis tools, we manage display campaigns that deliver both direct and assisted conversions for our partners.

Think your competition isn't already investing heavily in search and social? They are. Where is the future battle for finding pockets of ROI and beating your competition to these consumers? Up-funnel. Level Agency embraces programmatic as the digital vehicle that gives you the data-driven artillery to fight this battle in an ROI+ way.





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