Affiliate/PPL Management

Our relationships with vendors and extensive experience in lead purchasing expand your reach throughout the web. With millions of dollars spent and hundreds of thousands of leads generated, Level is exceptional at the analytics, industry relationships, and vendor management that drive success and affiliate/PPL mastery.

Analytics enable the lowest cost per sale.

Since our inception, we’ve purchased leads at the lowest cost to maximize our clients’ return on investment. We validate the leads we provide to ensure that they meet your requirements.

Our partnerships ensure TCPA compliance.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you are prohibited from auto-dialing mobile phones without consent. Our partnership with LeadID provides verification of a consumer’s interaction with the form to protect you against fraudulent leads.

Powerful optimization tools enable better decisions.

We customize your dashboard to your specifications, so you can see all the data to determine your next campaign in real-time. Data is the best, last, and only line of defense in an affiliate and PPL space rife with poor quality and compliance problems. Level quickly optimizes to the vendors and campaigns that drive ROI+ and in a compliant manner.


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