Carrie Little comes to Level with an impressive background in executive administrative support. She brings to the table exceptional organizational skills, a keen attention to detail, and a proactive approach to ensuring seamless operations. Her duties, including managing calendars, coordinating meetings, and handling travel arrangements, demonstrate her commitment to providing efficient and reliable support to executives and teams. Carrie thrives in fast-paced environments, adapts swiftly to new technologies, and is a master at multitasking. In addition to her administrative expertise, she possesses a solid foundation in business management, gained through her college studies. This education has equipped her with a deep understanding of various business functions, such as strategic planning, project management, and effective communication.

Outside of her professional life, Carrie indulges in hobbies like video editing and creative writing. She harbors a passion for storytelling, and loves to explore her creative side through writing, allowing her to express her thoughts and ideas in a unique and engaging manner. Carrie also has a discerning eye for capturing compelling visual narratives via video editing. She is eager to leverage her administrative expertise, business management knowledge, and passion for creativity to contribute to the success of the agency and its clients.