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In this week’s episode of Test. Learn. Grow., our hosts are joined by Jenna Bluedorn, Level Agency’s Digital Marketing Lead. Listen as they discuss the steps involved in the client experience when onboarding with Level Agency. 

Rather listen than read? Learn about what you can expect in the first few weeks when you become a client of Level Agency.


How do we make clients feel ‘at home’ at Level Agency?

Kick-off Meeting – Our Commitment to PARTNERSHIP

An exploratory meeting happens with you and your entire team on the first day after signing on with Level Agency. We discuss things that may already have been touched on previously, but we can now take the time to dive even deeper to better understand your business’ background and marketing needs at a granular level. This allows us to align on a shared vision which is crucial to your success as we move forward together.  
At Level, we don’t operate on a vendor basis where we simply complete our work without asking any questions. Instead, we work as a partner where we treat your dollar spend like it is our own. When we understand the ‘why’ of your business and overall goals, you can be sure that the work we do is the right work.

Creative & Data Discovery

We focus early on developing a deep understanding of your company’s brand – essentially if your company were a person, who would they be, and what do they stand for? You will speak directly with the creative team members at Level who will be responsible for creating your assets, web pages, etc. They will ask in-depth questions that allow them to flesh out your brand’s existing identity and better understand what we can test to improve your brand’s appeal to the desired audience.  
We also complete a thorough data checklist to ensure our team has access to all your media/marketing infrastructure so we can jump in right away and see what is working well and what is not. In some cases, we also do on-site visits so we can meet with your larger team and gather additional video or audio material that we think may be useful for future creative pieces, whether that be interviews with staff or filming your product in use. 
It is crucial to note that through the discovery phase, Level will continue to manage your media/marketing efforts so that there is no disruption to existing marketing efforts. In the early stage, our approach is a “no-harm take-over” process where we will only make improvements as needed (i.e., broken links). Also, within the first few weeks, we conduct some small tests, whether that be audience optimization or creative A/B test, which we believe will have a great impact and achieve an ‘easy’ win.

Planning, Prioritizing & Measuring Success

Within the first few weeks of planning, Level will look at your current and upcoming initiatives, events, or launches and prioritize these prior to any major overhaul of marketing efforts. We will also lay down foundations for measuring success – what does success look like, how often do we report, what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) do we measure against, and so on. 
Level will then set up a review 60-90 days from our start date to look back at what we have achieved so far. This discussion helps us to determine if we have set up the right foundations and check early on if we are meeting the expectations you have with this partnership. 

Creation of Briefs – Knowledge Captured 

To retain the core of what is important to your business, the foundational information which has been discovered in the first few weeks we assemble various briefs that are always accessible to our team. These briefs are reminders of strategic objectives and your business goals. They also give creators, account coordinators, and media analysts working on your brand all of the information needed to be successful. They lay the foundation for the work we do and helps with continuity of knowledge should any new people begin work on your brand. These briefs are revised periodically throughout the life of our partnership. 

Post 4 weeks – Time to Test.Learn.Grow 

Once we have the creative we need, the data infrastructure in place, and have established a dashboard for reporting on defined measures of success, we begin to focus on what you hired us for – to test, learn and grow your business! We establish a cadence of check-in meetings to ensure that the strategy and work we will formally propose is aligned with your vision. 

An Agency for Every Business at Every Stage

For businesses that do not have an established ‘identity’ yet – you may not have a robust set of brand guidelines, or you are looking to do a complete brand refresh, Level Agency has the experience and knowledge to guide you right from the start. From brand conception to launch we meet you where you are and plan together accordingly. 
The Level Agency difference is our commitment to partnership. As strategic advocates of your brand, we strive to understand you at a deep business level, so we know that our marketing efforts fit in with your holistic business strategy.  

If you would like to discuss how you can achieve a marketing advantage by partnering with us,  set up a call with Level Agency today, and we will happily answer any questions! 

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