What Our Clients Say About Us: Reviews and Feedback From Our Most Recent Survey

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An incredible partner, always on top of the game, who helped us recognize what resonates best with our audience.


It can’t escape you when you start working with us: The P.R.O.U.D values:

Partnership, Radical Candor, Ownership, Urgency, and Data-Driven Decisions

Imagine an agency that couldn’t respond with Urgency or doesn’t take Ownership. We think these are table stakes, and we train around them, so they’re taken seriously. Radical Candor and Data-Driven Decisions ensure that we communicate openly & transparently about challenges – both internally and with our clients– and we support all our recommendations with research and historical data. 

But Partnership is truly at the core of everything we do. From our community service sprints with organizations like 412 Food Rescue to > 6-year-long partnerships like SAE International and Trident University, we invest in learning every aspect of our clients’ business – and in helping them solve for any challenges along the way.


Twice a year, we send our clients a short survey. It started as a simple health check to determine:

Are we delivering value as clients see it through their business results? How is it trending period over period?

Today, it serves a critical role in understanding how we need to think about your business. Our partners use the survey to share narratives about their growth, highlights about times our team members made a difference, and suggestions on where we might focus, so we can build better training and strategies to meet ever-evolving needs.  

When asked how likely our contacts would be to recommend us to a colleague or friend on a scale of 1-10, the answer was overwhelmingly positive, with 9s and 10s far outpacing even passive clients.

We used this data to calculate our Net Promoter Score. Our NPS was a resounding 93, up from 68 in our last survey. According to Qualtrics, any NPS over 80 is “World Class”.


In their own words:

“Going above and beyond is the norm.”

“Stand out, impressive, great attention to detail.”

“They went the extra mile to launch on time, on budget, and reached our goals in record time.”

“Every team member is professional, friendly, and responsive.”

“Authentic, genuine, and passionate…a wonderful extension to our team”

You can read more public reviews of our work here.


It’s fabulous to receive praise, but we’re also grateful for the Radically Candid feedback – it helps us to make more informed decisions about where we need to focus.  

Of course, there are always areas where we want to improve. Clients were candid about the quality of work (9/10) and business growth (8.2/10). Both of these metrics slipped a slight amount between surveys, but clear feedback helps us track what to focus on next.  

  1. Getting alignment with the client around our goals, measurement, and when to pivot or persevere:  

“Expectations were not properly set or adjusted for our start goals.”​ 

  1. Ensuring that all members of the team are briefed appropriately to create world-class content: 

“Do a better job of communicating our preference and philosophy to the creative folks.”​ 

“Make our emails more visually engaging.”​ 

These notes helped us start conversations with these specific clients and implement action plans to address their concerns. Truly a Partnership from top to bottom.  


If your current partner isn’t meeting your evolving business goals, or if your organization is adding marketing into the strategic mix, we might be a great fit for you.

Our partnerships are meant to last: nearly 60% of our annual revenue comes from partners who have been with the agency for 2 years or more. We built our teams to avoid client churn—so expect high-quality, long-term thinking from day one.

Our organizational model allows us to group experts around industries like education and university marketing, B2B and SaaS marketing, eCommerce advertising, and emerging verticals like FinTech, HealthTech, and more. Cross-Functional Teams ensure you work with a consistent group of experts who know your business deeply.  

Getting it right doesn’t happen on day one. We’re here to guide you through all of the complexities of full-funnel digital marketing, and we do it with a scientific mindset. Test. Learn. Grow. is our methodology for how lean principles can accelerate change for your organization.


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