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In this week’s episode of Test. Learn. Grow, Myles Biggs, and Allyn Reynolds are joined by Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GrowByData, Prasanna Dhungel. GrowByData provides marketing intelligence to brands and agencies—specifically digital shopper competitive intelligence. 

Rather listen than read? Check out our episode with Prasanna Dhungel to hear all about GrowByData and ecommerce insights. 

Providing Value for Your Customers 

Empathy in business will help you grow as a person and in your career. Thinking about your end-user and working to create the best experience for them will help with directing your other business efforts. Providing value to your stakeholders will help them develop trust in your brand. 

Data Insights 

Level’s philosophy is Test. Learn. Grow. Prasanna Dhungel says,Crawl. Walk. Run.” However, you refer to it, the process of taking your insights and applying them to learn more is an invaluable practice that can help you make the most of your data. Breaking down the information you have so that it is not as intimidating will help you interpret it and generate a course of action you can implement. 

With constant updates to algorithms, analyzing the information is key to staying up to date. Asking how to improve, and working to produce solutions, will help you provide the best value possible. 

The 21st Century Human Network 

It is almost unimaginable to think that we are limited to the people we physically interact with, given the advent of digital communication technology. The world is at our fingertips—we have the advantage of being able to connect with anyone across the globe. Making the most of modern technology can help our growth since catching up with coworkers over coffee isn’t the only way to gather other opinions.  

Connecting with others and attending virtual meetups is a great way to expand our minds. There is so much diversity of thought that can be cultivated in a remote environment. People aren’t limited by their geography when looking to connect with others. We should take advantage of how unique individuals are. The ability to chat with humans of any background with distinct experiences is incredible and should be cultivated when possible. 

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