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Meet Amy Weyant, Director of Talent Innovation

At Level Agency, our people drive our successes. When you get the right person in the right seat, things click. I’ve been at Level for over three years and have worked at multiple other agencies, but this renewed focus on people is what keeps me excited and inspired to come to work each day. Becoming the Director of Talent Innovation on the Innovation Team was an opportunity that I could not dream of passing up.

I am charged with creating a repeatable and sustainable talent management program, encompassing everything from evaluating recruitment and onboarding practices to prioritizing professional and personal growth. I’ll be researching and reimagining new solutions, experimenting and learning, and eventually scaling all of my findings toward one goal: attracting and retaining top talent in a marketplace where we compete with giants like Google and Uber. 

The last six months have been amazingly productive.  We have reimagined performance management, reset our priorities, definitions, and tools for segmenting talent, introduced more objectivity and data through standardizing our hiring process, rewritten the way we interview and evaluate candidates, defined an assessment strategy and much more. All of these innovations were driven and informed by research and experimentation. It sounds like a lot, right? That’s because it is! That’s how Level Agency operates: We are ambitious and obsessed with driving performance through innovation.

Being on the Level Innovation Team requires me to be open to failing (not to mention admitting when I do), and to glean the learning from each experiment, iterating towards success. I must be a warrior for change; with the ability to critically think and plan from strategy to execution while managing a plethora of stakeholders. I must be able not only to endure but thrive in ambiguity and chaos.

As part of this role, I need to be a teacher as well as a consultant, making time to build awareness, understanding, mastery, and ownership. All the while, listening, seeking feedback, iterating, and advising the team. And doing this in an environment where everyone is busy and focused on their priorities.

We recognize that we have a lot of work to do in how we identify, manage, and grow our team, but this challenge is what keeps me going. With every innovation, we’re sharpening our expertise, enhancing team collaboration, and simply making our agency a better, more enjoyable place to work. 

Although we are still forging a new path toward innovative talent management, as the Director of Talent Innovation, I am thrilled to be the one paving it.

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