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Looking to enhance your creative marketing? On this week’s episode of Test. Learn. Grow., we’re learning all about performance creative and design thinking from Level Agency’s creative experts, Brad Stephenson and Mike Rubino. 

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First, what is performance creative? 

Performance creative is all about using empathy to learn about the customer journey and drive the most impactful results. In order to create good marketing, we have to understand every step of our customer’s journey. The way Level Agency uses performance creative ties into our Test, Learn, Grow philosophy. We look at how the creative is performing, what type of impact it’s having, and we go on to iterate and adapt based on what we’ve learned. Performance creative marketing lets us get to the right problem faster. 

Why is empathy a key component of performance creative? 

We have to understand our clients beyond the demographic components. Having a conversation with our clients and our clients’ customers to understand their experience, pain points, and obstacles is crucial to the design thinking process. As marketers, we’re looking to build trust with the customers and prove that our product is going to deliver what they’re looking for. Therefore, in turn, we can ensure that our messaging and creative align with our clients’ audience. 

What is design thinking? 

Design thinking is the way that we try out different techniques for problem framing and solving. We take the skills from design and apply them to all levels of business. Thinking like a designer helps us empathize quicker, and solve the right problems through empathy.  

How can you implement performance creative and design thinking? 

  1. Start with prioritization
    • What is the biggest business problem you are trying to solve? 
  2. Build out the customer journey
    • Research and look at data to gain internal and external knowledge about your clients and what steps they are going to take to achieve your goal. 
  3. Create the assets
    • What do we have or need to create to inspire actions?
  4. Test, test and test
    • Did you prove your hypothesis? What can you test next to further improve performance?

Curious about what performance creative and design thinking could do for your business? Set up a consultation with us to learn more.   

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