Programmatic TV Could Help Smaller Companies Compete for Space with Major Brands


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Programmatic TV is the future: Here’s how to capitalize on the opportunity

We may finally find out if cavemen really do help sell car insurance. From Search Engine Land:

“…it seems inevitable that all TV inventory will eventually be purchased programmatically. And, considering the example of programmatic display’s incredibly rapid growth, we should expect this to happen sooner rather than later.”

Level Insight:

  • As Facebook and YouTube have begun offering original long-form series in addition to the user-generated short-form videos upon which the platforms’ content is based, the distinction between video and television content is vanishing. The same tactics used to advertise in short videos are projected to be the future of television advertising. The new mass in mass media is composed of thousands of hyper-specific target audiences.
  • Programmatic TV isn’t here yet, but since the technology is either in place or on the verge, it is worth taking note. It opens television advertising to niche companies with smaller audiences that could not justify purchasing prime time space on major networks. As the internet has democratized content creation, it is democratizing television advertising. While the pharmaceutical companies will likely target every person ever who may or may not be suffering from restless leg syndrome, smaller companies can create rich, video-based stories and serve them during the same television programs using intelligent targeting.
  • The article references a study in which the ad select feature of programmatic TV, which enables consumers to choose which ad they see, delivered a whopping 1,200% increase in conversion rate. Is it because ad select forces the consumers to engage with the ad to select what they want to see at the onset? Does getting them in the mindset of action have an effect on whether they take subsequent action and click? Or is it because the content of the ad is more relevant to them? Or do they just think the content is more relevant because they selected it?
  • Level has been aggressive in creating video assets for use in social media campaigns. As the platforms and technology needed to power programmatic TV mature, we will keep you apprised of opportunities to explore this exciting new medium.

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