The Advent of AI in Marketing Analytics, with Clickvoyant’s Mia Umanos.

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Clickvoyant, a marketing analytics AI company, is offering clients data insights so fast, we suspect psychic abilities are at play here. We recently spoke with Co-founder Mia Umanos about the advent of AI and automation in data analytics. Read on to discover how modern tech is changing the landscape of digital marketing and data literacy—and giving back analysts valuable time to boot. 

Rather listen than read? In this episode of Test. LearnGrow., President of Level Agency Patrick Patterson joins Myles as co-host, and they chat with Mia about the many ways that new technology, like AI and automation, are enhancing the roles of marketing analysts everywhere—liberating them from repetitive tasks and allowing them to provide more value than ever before. 

Clickvoyant is born 

The marketing analytics space is noisy, and with more than 8,000 technologies out there vying for attention, Mia Umanos and Co-founder Kate Bartkiewicz saw a need for statistical analysis automation. Their brainchild,  Clickvoyant, eschews the traditional dashboard entirely. Instead, with the use of AI and automation directly within their platform, they’re providing all of the insights needed to make money or gain new customers in ten minutes in an easily digestible format.  

Insights and action 

With the creation of Clickvoyant, Mia and Kate are addressing a gap in the world of marketing analysts that they discovered through years of experience: too much attention on the technologies themselves and a lack of focus on the actual analysis—the critical thinking needed to interpret data. As Mia says, “If we’re just so focused on the technologies…we’re not doing justice to the potential of what big data does promise.” Today’s analysts are tasked with cutting through all this noise and determining what is useful and what is not. 

Enter Clickvoyant. Moving from data-driven, dashboard-centric analytics typical in the world of digital marketing, the team at Clickvoyant instead pivoted towards an insights-and-action-driven approach. Using AI, they’re taking in all the raw data available—device types, interests, geo-locations, browser versions, etc.—and identifying the areas of opportunity to make money, grow leads and increase revenue. In doing so, they’re also targeting the places where deeper digging is required, which is where the real work for an analyst begins. With the repetitive robotic work out of the way and areas of concern clearly defined, analysts can begin investigating the important data and providing true value. 

Evolution of the analyst and data literacy 

With the advent of new technology—AI and machine learning, in particular—there is always a fear that the tech will replace people. But what these new low-code or no-code tools are doing is revolutionary. As noted, tools like Clickvoyant can point to where the actual human work needs to start. And by stripping away the technical aspects that, before, could only be understood by developers or other trained professionals, they’re providing a whole new subset of marketers the ability to learn about their clients as individual people.  

Tools using AI and machine learning to delve into data analytics are unencumbering us from needing to know data science or statistics. As these tools become more accessible and data literacy increases, Mia envisions a new kind of job being created: the data interpreter, the insight guide—the customer-insight whisperer, if you will.  

The future of data analytics 

At Level Agency, we definitely see the next three to four years as a time of opportunity and growth for new data analytics and insights processes. With our Test. Learn. Grow. philosophy, we are educating people on how to solve these complex problems. And as Mia contemplates, we will never be able to embrace the sheer number of tools out there (and growing) that provide analytics or obtain every certificate out there to become experts. We need to press pause and find a way to better communicate insights across relationships and industries. Exploring these tools using AI and automation, being truly curious about them and persevering with them can provide that means of communication, while giving time back to people for more valuable work.  

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