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Facebook aims for TV ad dollars with household-wide ad targeting

Facebook is aiming to lure big-time advertisers from TV to the social platform by emulating mass market strategies. From Marketing Land:

“Brands will be able to advertise to everyone who lives in the same household and break down their ads’ performance by household income and composition.”

Level Insight:

  • Facebook is getting more sophisticated in understanding the complexity of B2C purchasing decisions. The end user is not always the buyer, and the different value propositions influence different members of the household. An example is travel: Children may look at the destination while parents require supplemental information about how to get there and costs associated with the trip.
  • We’ve written before about Google intelligence telling us that sometimes the end users, even of B2C products are influencers, not decision makers. Cast a wider, yet focused, data-dictated net and help the whole family make decisions. Different ads for the same product can now be served to various members of the household, with messaging tailored to influencers and decision makers.
  • This addition to targeting options is based on the idea that individual purchasing decisions are made as part of a larger story; that of the relationships between people in a household. Members of a household — families or roommates — may share interests, so marketers may try to target people based on it.
  • The tool can also help marketers be more efficient with ad dollars by eliminating family members from targeting parameters who have already purchased said product or service. A household-wide product like internet service is an example.

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