Make Those Seconds Count: Maximizing Short-Form Video


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What You Should Know:
New research on the emotional impact of short, 6-second videos vs. their 30-second counterparts shows that the shorter videos failed to convey the same weight. However, skippable 30-second videos were, well, skipped more often! A recent Marketing Tech article discusses some of the implications.

  • Get your Call-to-Action in. Only 16% of 6-second videos analyzed in this article managed to do so. 
  • Don’t just chop down longer videos to fit an un-skippable short format. Find the most impactful way to craft the 6-second video to maximize emotion.

Level Insight:
Though this article focuses on video, consider its implications for short vs. long-form content in general, social vs. landing page, for example. 

Consumer attention is shrinking. Make sure your marketing messages are front-and-center, as well as consistent, across your video creative. And don’t forget that CTA! As always, Level recommends testing, learning head-to-head in a/b environments, with CPL/ROAS being the ultimate goal.

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