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“If you double the experiments you do per year, you’re going to double your inventiveness.” – Jeff Bezos 

Curious as to why our company implements the Test. Learn. Grow. philosophy? Keep reading to understand what the framework is all about, plus the details of our testing processes. 

Rather listen than read? In this episode of Test. Learn. Grow., we’re taking you back to the Level Agency Summit, where Team Lead Laura Greenawalt and Account Director Amy Stettler dish about the Test. Learn. Grow. philosophy that’s become a way of life here at the agency.   

What do we mean by testing? 

We’re not just testing our marketing campaigns; we’re testing our whole organization—all the time. We think about what processes we use and what tools the agency chooses, as well as the work that we’re doing for our clients. This gives us the opportunity to scale quickly. That is, we learn from real actions and human behaviors. We evaluate those results. And then we use those results to make decisions about what we do next. And the more you do it, the more opportunities you have to learn. 

How to Implement Test. Learn. Grow.: 

To test 

  • Develop a hypothesis. Define what success looks like, and write it down. It’s more than just a guess; it’s provable. Think about how to measure your results. What data do you need to collect? What does it teach you about the audience? 
  • Establish the control group. What’s the baseline understanding of this particular element? Your control group is what actually exists. 
  • Run the control and experiment groups at the same time. 
  • Evaluate the results at key points throughout the campaign. 

To learn 

  • Measure with the results of that test.  
  • Publish your findings and move into grow.  

To grow: 

  • Take your findings and determine how to iterate on it.   
  • Think about how to take that learning and form a new hypothesis. 
  • Asses what you want to test next. 
  • Repeat the cycle! 

Want to learn more about our Test. Learn. Grow. framework?  We’d love to discuss how these processes could help your organization flourish. Reach out

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