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Google Says Faster Mobile Ads Are Boosting Clickthrough Rates Up to 200 Percent

Mobile video ads are getting help from a new open-source platform. From Adweek:

“Results showed publishers using AMP, an open-source Google initiative, saw clickthrough rates increase by 200 percent, completion rates increase by 15 percent and ad performance increase 18 percent.”

Level Insight:

  • This latest study is more evidence that user experience should be the number one consideration in mobile advertising. The ability of the message and creative to encourage user engagement with client products are rendered irrelevant when the video takes too long to load.


How the Brain Processes Different Types of Content

New year, new data. It should be every marketer’s resolution to understand and act on as much data as possible. From HubSpot:

“Different stories are better told in different formats depending on the message they’re trying to convey.”

Level Insight:

  • Marketers should consider the objective of an ad before assigning it to a certain content type and channel. The order of campaign development should begin with an objective measured in a specific KPI, followed by selection of the content type, message, and channel.
  • This method would necessitate a thorough evaluation of the desired consumer response at the inception of every campaign.
  • Even with all the distinctions between content types in this infographic, there are overlaps and subtleties that need to be examined. This study shows multiple means to educate a consumer, distinguishing between types of educational content.
  • Level does not advise taking every piece of information from an infographic on a company blog as an essential truth. However, we believe that testing content delivery types would yield interesting results that could help shape future campaigns. It is also essential to consider the audience’s stage in the marketing funnel when evaluating a content delivery option.

SEO trends to prepare for in 2017

Search engines are getting smarter. 2017 aims to be the year of the search engine mentalist, appearing on SERPs and next month at the Bellagio. From Search Engine Land:

“In 2017, brands will need to place value on optimizing their digital content based on intent rather than specific keywords.”

Level Insight:

  • All these trends illustrate the surging importance of knowing your audience. Who are they? Where are they in the virtual space? What devices do they use? What are they seeking in any given moment that you can help them find? What message will resonate with them? The who, what, where, when, why, and how are the crux of an SEO strategy that yields measurable ROI.
  • Voice search will be an interesting new frontier. Due to the fact that 93% of communication is non-verbal, the idea that a search engine can accurately determine the intent of a consumer based only on a disembodied voice recorded by a smart phone is dubious at best.

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