Level Insights 11.01.2016


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Google is splitting its search index in two — and there will be winners and losers.

Google doesn’t want mobile users to have an inferior web experience. So it’s taking drastic measures. From Business Insider:

“The mobile index will be the ‘primary’ index and will be kept more up-to-date than the desktop index. This means that — for the same search — the results you see on a smartphone will be different to what you see on a desktop.”

Level Insight:

  • Just because the device is small does not mean the information should be as well. With this change, Google is pressuring site owners to create equally rich experiences on desktop and mobile. Too often, site owners simplify their mobile sites in an effort to create an experience that looks right on mobile. The first thing to go is content. Google doesn’t like them cheapening the mobile experience like that.
  • This move forces site owners to stop taking the easy way out in responsive design. There will be no more cutting content, lest they lose their SERP rankings. Site owners must accept the challenge to create an optimal mobile experience that does not merely delete content. They must find a way to make the design and content function in the same way that they do on desktop, but conforming to the challenges and best practices of the device and the objectives of its user.


How the Hyphen Is Shaping the Future of Advertising

This isn’t about punctuation; it’s about hyphenated humans. From AdWeek:

“The Art of the Hyphen is the ability to do more than one thing—at a high level. And this metamodel is emerging fast. Just look at today’s younger agency creatives. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to anoint them or hand them new titles. They learn more than one discipline, grab the ball and run.”

Level Insight:

  • Agency creative professionals are a new hybrid animal. They do not occupy silos in departments; they are masters of multiple disciplines.
  • The author of this article calls the collection of multiple competencies “future-proofing”, and we agree. We’ve staffed our agency with these “transcreatives.” Whether they came to us with versatility or acquired new skills on the job, our employees embody this aptitude for learning new skills.
  • Numerous Level employees have worked in multiple departments within our agency, collecting expertise that they take to their new roles. We also believe in a collaborative environment in which our team members share knowledge to solve a dilemma. These collaborations may have an immediate goal, but they also serve as a valuable means for our team members to truly learn by osmosis and continue to evolve into the hybrid creative of the future.


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