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The Future of Social Media Is Here: These Are the Trends You Need to Know

Social networks are constantly developing features for advertisers to engage with customers. It’s up to us to take advantage of them. From HubSpot:

“It’s critical to figure out how your audience lives in Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) because they are there, everyone on the planet is. Once you do figure out how you can use the tools Facebook offers to connect with them.”

Level Insight:

  • People are spending one-sixteenth of their waking hours on Facebook; they don’t want to leave, especially since Facebook and its ilk are constantly introducing cool new features. It’s crucial for marketers to develop in-app experiences that enable the social networks themselves to become parts of the conversion funnel, not jumping points to external conversion-focused experiences. At Level, we have seen superb results and strong ROI using Facebook Lead Ads to enable a direct-response experience without leaving Facebook.
  • With 80% of social media usage coming from mobile devices, marketers must create experiences that are mobile first. Not just compatible with the small screen size, but also with the lifestyle factors that accompany mobile usage. These mobile social media content consumers are not sitting down at a desk, powering up the old iMac, and dedicating time to scrolling through the desktop Newsfeed. They’re on the go, likely scanning over the content with fingers faster than you’d need to play “Flight of the Bumblebee”, stopping to watch video content that strikes their fancy, only waking up from the social media trance when screeching tires and expletives from angry drivers jolt them back to reality. You have to make content that fits into that narrative, content that will make your customers stop scanning — and hopefully driving and jay walking — to engage with your content.
  • Machine learning is important in creating targeting parameters that will define the content of the ads. We have been taking advantage of Facebook’s artificial intelligence for quite some time, utilizing the Lookalike Audiences to serve ads to potential new customers who share characteristics with current customers. We will continue to monitor Facebook’s machine learning progress to further refine targeting and help our clients reach new audiences with the greatest likelihood of converting to customers.

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