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Marketing Land runs a lot of articles about how marketers need to capitalize on the plethora of available data. Here’s another one. From — you guessed it — Marketing Land:

“We have a long way to go before we as marketers reach the segment of one. And even after we hit it, we still need the means of standing out from the crowd.”

Level Insight:

  • Whenever possible, collect data — whether it is through third-party providers or custom strategies.
  • At Level, we have been using interactive, conversational forms on landing pages to serve valuable content to users at multiple stages of the marketing funnel by dynamically populate relevant content on the page and gaining insights about our audience to craft tailored messages for subsequent communications.
  • Heat-mapping software — that tracks where visitors travel on a site or a page — provides data that we use to form content that is relevant to that specific prospect’s interest.
  • We mentioned this data-content reciprocity principle in the last Insights, but it bears repeating: As consumers are relinquishing copious amounts of data every time they browse the web, they are expecting some value in return. If brands know who these consumers are and what they are seeking, marketers must make the effort to provide content tailored to their unique needs.

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