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People: The Achilles’ heel of online marketers

It’s time to make better use of all the marketing pros who entered the field with the understanding that there would be no math. From Marketing Land:

For many online marketers, their Achilles’ heel is people. They are brilliant at using demographic data, statistics and numbers to tweak their marketing, but they haven’t taken the time to get to know their actual customers. It’s an oversight that can cripple their marketing.

Level Insight:

      • With the plethora of data available from customer interactions on and off line, marketers are failing if they are not using all the available information to understand each audience. What motivates them? What do they care about? What messages resonate?
      • Each industry has more competition than ever. Each product is complex and nuanced and different from any of the numerous competitors. Marketers must take time to truly understand the products, the needs they address, and the customers who need them.
      • This level of comprehension and audience analysis is what we at Level mean when we say that we take a partnership approach with our clients. It’s analysis and insights that inform creative execution and subsequent implementation in platform. That attention to data and extrapolation is the difference between a marketing partner and a third-party vendor that runs your AdWords account.

SEO & intelligent content: Discovery, connection and improved performance

The first piece addressed the problem. Now here’s the solution. From Search Engine Land:

“Although content is being produced at higher rates, many marketers still struggle to engage readers with their material.

Level Insight:

    • Let’s examine the words with which the article’s author describes the process, the operative word being “produced”. If marketers see their content as a product to be churned out with assembly line efficiency and no customization to fit nuanced consumer searches, they are going to miss the mark. One size does not fit all when it comes to search intent.
    • Elements — those individual pieces that make up the product as a whole — can be reused in various manifestations. The job of creating useful, engaging content can be a hybrid of art and efficiency. Alone, the former isn’t practical and the latter isn’t effective.
    • Too many marketers assume that people are consuming content like George Romero criticized them for consuming material goods in Dawn of the Dead. While true to an extent, to drive a purchasing decision, the content must provoke more than the base reaction of a zombie. That is, it must be quality above quantity. And it must fit their objectives over yours.
    • Maybe if we looked at content as something to be created with careful attention to data and detail — instead of produced, factory style — marketers would be better equipped to disseminate useful, entertaining content to their customers.

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