Level Agency is a Great Place to Work®.

Level Agency is officially a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row.

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We’re proud to confirm what our team already knew — Level Agency is a Great Place to Work®. Now it’s official. The only thing better than reaching this distinction for the second year in a row is our scores. We consistently improved across the board – raising our overall score from 81% to 98% of our employees agreeing – Level Agency is a Great Place to Work®. 

The Great Place to Work® distinction by Emprising™ is the most well regarded and widely recognized surveying company culture. Their goal is to provide companies with a way to survey their employees on company culture and recognize those companies with high scores. They state their mission is for every employee to be working in a certified Great Place to Work® by 2030. We’re happy to contribute to their mission with our company culture of inclusivity, respect, and radical candor.

We define our company culture with our PROUD values:


To exemplify relationships in which risk and reward are shared and our partners’ interests are as important as our own.


To treat each other and our clients with professional regard and consider different perspectives on each problem — without sacrificing the rigorous pursuit of better thinking.


To exemplify professional responsibility, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. To treat our clients’ dollars as our own.


To actively prioritize and self-motivate. To operate immediately, decisively, and effectively to improve our agency and our clients’ marketing.


To utilize meaningful data in decision making for our clients and our agency. To be willing to examine and reject long-held preconceptions if the data proves an alternative.

We use our proud values to inform and measure everything we do – from our team meetings to client work to promotions and recognition – our values are clear, defined, posted publicly, and referenced often. Managers rank employees bi-monthly for our review process, so managers are clear on what to evaluate employees’ performance on and employees are confident that their performance and decisions matches the company’s values.

Feeling skeptical? We understand the concern—no one wants to lose the human element. Our goal is to demystify Facebook Automation a bit, but we always recommend running parallel tests with more traditional efforts. The biggest point to make when people are talking about automation is that humans are still making decisions at the end of the day. We’re just trying to create structures that allow automation to view things at a much more refined level. And ultimately, automation can’t create the campaign, set itself up for success, or report out the results.

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Our executive team supports our culture from the ground up, ensuring we properly equip management with personal development tools for themselves and their employees. Additionally, our rollout of more comprehensive, immersive onboarding practices allows employees to start confidently with a stronger grasp of the skills they need in their day-to-day work.

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