How Internal Marketing Teams and External Agencies can Collaborate Effectively

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In our latest episode of Test. Learn. Grow., Level Agency’s podcast hosts, Myles Biggs and Allyn Reynolds, sat down with Betco’s Vice President of Marketing, Barrett Betz to talk all things partnership between Betco and Level Agency. 

Rather listen than read? Check out our conversation with Barrett right here, or wherever you get your podcasts! Also available on YouTube.  


So, What is Betco?

Betco is a cleaning products manufacturer. They specialize in industrial cleaning products and equipment. Betco is an industry leader that has been around for 72 years, with business in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and more international locations. Barrett’s grandparents started this business in the 1950s. Betco has become a three-generation family business. Barrett’s father has been heavily involved in the company since 1974, and Barrett and his brother have joined in as well. Barrett shared a nostalgic story from his father, where after graduating from college his father wanted to take time off and just spend time with friends. Barrett’s grandfather told his father that if he didn’t come to work on Monday, he would sell the business. Barrett’s father went to work and has played a large role in growing the company to be one of the top manufacturers in the industry.  

What Makes Betco Different? 

Most companies that have been around for a long time don’t invest in digital marketing. They stick to their traditional marketing and don’t recognize how powerful a tool it will be. Betco is constantly innovating. Why? They are always working to stay cutting edge within the industry. They are seen as an innovator with the tools, resources, and products they bring to the market, and their marketing is no different. They started marketing in the 70’s and were one of the first to do so in their industry.  While they have done print marketing for a long time, they have seen the greater shift to digital marketing in the past 10 years and wanted to be a bigger part of it. They preach “digital marketing excellence” and see how important it is to be a leader.   

How Did You Decide to Partner with an External Agency? 

The marketing team at Betco knew that they needed to be innovative in the digital marketing world.  They were faced with a choice. They have internal experts in content and positioning but needed expertise for utilizing modern platforms and channels to leverage the brand further. They tried doing it themselves and realized that having external expertise would speed up the process.  Barrett references a theoretical ramp. If they build internal expertise, it will be a slow and gradual ramp, but if they get external help, it will be a quick and effective ramp and more cost-effective. The choice was obvious to the team- they needed experts fast. When Betco was educating themselves on the best, modern digital marketing strategies and tactics, they found Level Agency.  

What is it like having internal and external marketers work together? Any challenges? 

Collaboration is key. Betco and Level have been partners for a year now, and have a good balance of working together, like one big team. They have established a good rhythm for getting tasks done and knowing each other’s roles.   

The hardest part is at the beginning. You must take this time to get to know your partner. Betco took the first few months with Level to show how they previously ran their digital marketing efforts, and Level shared how they run. By doing this, the integration was smoother, and they were able to hit their stride as a team quickly. Barrett shared how Level did a great job at getting to know Betco and what they cared about which fueled new ideas and campaigns. One thing the teams did was collaborate on an annual marketing plan for the company.  By having both teams on the same page with the plan for the year, it helped with the execution, and everyone knew their role with a clear path for what is ahead. The two teams function as one.  

How do you craft partnerships?  

In a recent episode, Myles talks all about soft skills. We do business with people, so getting to know your partner as a person helps strengthen the relationship the partnership is built on. Barrett shared how the effort Level put into getting to know the people at Betco fostered a greater relationship between the two teams. When you take the time to know who you are working with, your mutual respect will grow and make the business relationship even more productive.   

If you are looking for a partnership, schedule a consultation with us. 

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