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In theory:

In 2018, Facebook released Campaign Budget Optimization. Campaign Budget Optimization allows the Facebook algorithm to distribute spend to the ad set that is the most likely to generate a conversion on an auction by auction basis. Using machine learning, Facebook is able to enter your ad in the right auction, for the right person, at the right time and for the right price regardless of the ad set.

Campaign Budget Optimization takes the heavy lifting out of portfolio budget management and gives an advertiser the tools and the time to test ads, audiences, and bids. All together this leads to better performance for our client’s media dollars.

See below for a breakdown of what campaign budget optmization look likes in practice.

In the wild:

In our head to head test between ad set budget management and campaign budget optimization Level observed a 36% decrease in cost per lead. Because of these results, Level has made campaign budget optimization best practice for our Facebook Campaigns.

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