Google Enhances New AdWords Experience with Promotion Extensions, Ad Variations, Custom Intent Audiences


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What You Should Know:

  • Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Google has launched new AdWords features that are only available via the new AdWords experience, which began its rollout over the summer.
  • On their AdWords blog, Google is already claiming that some advertisers are noticing a rise in their conversion rates and return on ad spend after utilizing the new features.
  • Through Promotion Extensions, advertisers will now be able to highlight specific offers in their text ads without needing to create new ads, making their ads easier to find for people who are searching for deals. Extensions can include information such as percentages off, promotion codes and offer durations, and advertisers can also make their seasonal offers more prominent by choosing from one of 12 occasions for each ad, including Black Friday and Christmas.
  • Custom Intent Audiences for the Google Display Network, based on information from advertisers’ campaigns, websites and YouTube channels, could provide an easier way to narrow in on already-interested consumers. Custom intent audiences can either be created by advertisers or auto-generated by Google based.
  • Ad Variations can now easily be tested across thousands of ads (or even millions, according to Google), with results being reported by Google immediately once statistically significant data is obtained.


Level Insight:

We can’t help but be excited for all the fresh opportunities and advantages the new AdWords features offer. Promotion extensions do the legwork for consumers when it comes to hunting down deals by putting all the information they need front and center. Not only does this help push consumers further down the funnel by breaking down purchasing barriers (not aware of the promotion, don’t have the necessary discount code, etc.), it gives ads incorporating the extensions a competitive edge on the SERP. Custom Intent Audiences could make it simpler than ever for ads to reach their low-hanging fruit, and with the increased ease of Ad Variations allowing advertisers to work smarter instead of harder, there’s more opportunity for strategic testing and speedy optimization.

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