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Believe it or not, we’re about to turn the page on another calendar year, and what better way to prepare for 2022 than a look back on all we’ve accomplished this year? In true Level Agency style, we’ve prepared some data-driven reflections on everything that 2021 has brought us. 

Rather listen than read? In this episode of Test. Learn. Grow., host Myles Biggs is joined by Level’s operations specialist, Allyn Reynolds, and together they chat about everything from the all-important media statistics and agency growth to the launch of the podcast itself this past year. 

The media side of things 

In 2021, our clients have invested an average of 27% more in their media spend, and with that, they saw an average growth of 23% in lead volume. Looking back at just the Super Bowl of e-commerce—the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sprint—the e-comm team delivered ROAS results as high as $16.00 for every $1.00 spent on marketing for some of our clients. These media statistics show that our clients are trusting us with more money, and they’re investing more because they’re seeing results. This is also a reflection of the marketing landscape in general, as reliance on new digital technologies continues to grow and evolve. 

The really fun numbers 

At Level, we use an internal, peer-to-peer bonus system called Bonusly. It allows us to award bonus points to team members that have accomplished great work while displaying agency core values. People can then redeem those points for things like gift cards or donations to a charity of their choice. 

In 2021, we racked up an impressive 10,900+ instances of Bonusly recognition, totaling 82,563 points awarded. With around 60 employees, this is proof positive that our team members find it important and worthwhile to give each other kudos for a job well done. Employees are strengthening ties between different teams, building comradery with each other, and we’re fostering a culture that we want to see at Level. 

Another internal tool used at the agency, Slack, saw employees send more than 947,000 messages this year that range from important client and project-specific communications to just-for-fun notes in channels dedicated to things like our Vibe Squad and Level Agency pets.  

The agency side of things 

2021 saw an expansion in the diversity of our new hires—with team members now located all over the country (and globe!), our talent pool has increased exponentially. The agency underwent substantial growth with the acquisition of 37 new team members, and company-wide, over 25 employees were promoted to new positions and saw career growth within Level. And one final, fantastic agency number—we gained 17 new clients of varying sizes and industries this year and cannot wait to see what next year brings. 

The evolution of the data team 

Ready for another remarkable number? This year, our data team evolved into the Enterprise Data and Analytics team, led by our new VP of Data & Analytics, Eric Liu. Eric and his team have processed an incredible 15 million rows of data in 2021—data that has allowed us to make smarter data-driven decisions to get our clients better overall results. And that number doesn’t even hint at all the automation work this team has been implementing behind the scenes to further ensure even more growth for the agency and its clients.  

Test. Learn. Grow. 

This year also saw the launch of Level Agency’s podcast, Test. Learn. Grow. With more than 30 podcasts already recorded and many of those published, we’ve had the chance to cover a lot of new content in the digital marketing space and gain a lot of insight from Level employees, partners and clients. We look forward to the continued growth of this new venture. 

And speaking of Test. Learn. Grow., we’ve implemented more than 250 in-market tests on behalf of our clients that we’ve learned from and iterated on over this past year. As we become even more diligent about digging into this strategy and documenting tests and their results, this is one number that we know will experience huge growth in 2022.  

And that has been 2021 in review for Level Agency! Be sure to join us in the new year, as we continue exploring all things digital marketing. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.  

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