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Yes, that’s right, the Test. Learn. Grow. podcast has been around for a whole year! With almost 60 episodes under our belt, this week co-hosts Myles and Allyn recap the most popular episodes to date. They reflected on what they learned each episode and shared how excited they are to keep going and growing. 

Rather listen than read? In this podcast episode, Myles and Allyn reflect on the most listened-to episodes over the past year. From how Level Agency’s Test. Learn. Grow. framework started to how to approach data with empathy, they cover the top learnings and growing’s.  


Episode 1: The Level Agency Way, with Patrick Patterson and Patrick Van Gorder 

In this episode, Level Agency’s CEO, Patrick Patterson, and President & COO, Patrick Van Gorder explain the Test. Learn. Grow. framework and the intention for the Test. Learn. Grow. podcast. The Pats explain how previously Level Agency operated under a task assembly structure. Implementing Test. Learn. Grow. changed that. We create hypotheses for what we want to test. We go to market quickly. We learn from it and then put something better to market. As a result of implementing Test. Learn. Grow., 2020 was the best year the agency had seen. Since then, we’ve failed a bunch, learned a ton, and continue to grow even more.  

Episode 8: The Elements of a Meaningful Marketing Test, with Jess Echement 

Jess Echement, Level’s Testing Subject Matter Expert and the eComm Account Director, taught us what makes up a meaningful marketing test. Allyn pointed out these four ingredients of a Test. Learn. Grow. recipe can clearly point to the worthiness of a test.  

  1. Be curious 
  1. Make the test meaningful to the client 
  1. Write a strong hypothesis 
  1. Test one variable at a time  

This way of marketing inspires a dedicated commitment to testing and always having a challenger in market. It forces us to keep finding better ways to grow and test meaningfully.  

Episode 4: B2B Marketing and Long Sales Cycles, with Laura Greenawalt and TJ Bruno 

Level’s B2B team leads Laura Greenawalt and TJ Bruno helped us deeply understand how important it is to consider the person on the other side of advertisements. In the B2B space, we do a lot of work on understanding audiences and personas. Regardless of the challenges of identifying pain points in B2B marketing, we are still marketing to people. It’s always a great reminder.  

Episode 26: Mia Umanos and Clickvoyant 

Patrick Patterson sat down with Mia Umanos, CEO and Co-founder of Clickvoyant to talk about all things automation and data insights.  

Allyn mentioned that there is sometimes fear around the concept of automation because someone might think robots are out to steal their jobs. But automation gives people the freedom to do the deep innovative thinking that robots can’t do. Both Mia and Patrick confirm that while automation helps with data insights, human work is needed for taking action on those insights.  

Episode 38: Grow By Data  

Finally, Prasanna Dhungel, managing partner at Grow By Data, implores us to take the complexity out of data. He says it’s important to take the complex and make it simple, so things are easier for the end user.  

Myles summed it up best. Empathy and data go hand in hand. Empathy is at the heart of data-driven marketing and it is at the heart of Level’s philosophy: All marketing should create value. Build trust. And inspire change.  

While this look back was a great way to celebrate a year of amazing podcast episodes, Myles and Allyn are excited to keep going and share even more marketing how-to’s and interviews with outstanding marketing thought leaders.  

If you’d like to be a guest or know someone who’d make a great guest, let us know!  

And thank you to all our dedicated listeners for tuning in every week for a year.  

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