Management Buyout at Level Agency

BY: Level Agency
March 31, 2021

PITTSBURGH, PA., March 31, 2021: Level Agency, one of Pittsburgh leading digital agencies has announced the sale of the company to Patrick Patterson and Patrick Van Gorder, former President and Executive Vice President, respectively. The agency was founded in 2010 by CEO Tom Donohoe, who will be moving on to pursue new career endeavors.

Managing Partner and President Patrick Patterson has been entrusted with furthering the sterling reputation of Level Agency and remains steadfast in his commitment to continuity and stability, as the organization continues to grow.

“As a team, we’ve been operating at a very high level for our clients from an accountability and responsiveness perspective for a long time,” Patterson said. “Completing this MBO gives us the opportunity to build on a strong performance foundation while also rethinking the marketing factors that will make companies most successful in the decade ahead.”

Patrick Van Gorder, previously the organization’s EVP, is an equal partner in the deal and will continue to focus on team development and client success.

“We’re lucky to have a staff that cares deeply about doing really excellent and boundary-pushing performance marketing for our clients,” Van Gorder said. “2020 forced brands of all kinds and sizes to urgently recenter their advertising strategy around digital. Level Agency was in a position then to help them adapt, and this purchase puts Patrick and me in a position to lead the conversation about what happens next. That’s exciting.”

The Agency will maintain a relationship with Thomas Donohoe as Chairman Emeritus, but he will be stepping back from his prior business development and strategic leadership role. He will continue as a trusted advisor and confidant to Patterson and Van Gorder - the purchasing executive team that he originally hired.

“The three of us built something special over the last eleven years,” Donohoe said. “I am incredibly proud to turn over the keys at an agency high point. There’s no one better to write the next chapter of Level Agency’s growth story.”


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