The Level edge starts with the team

With unique experience and expertise, each team member actively contributes to our clients’ success. Our elite teams collaborate strategically to communicate complex value propositions to hyper-targeted audiences at every stage of the funnel.


Thomas Donohoe


Patrick Patterson


Patrick Van Gorder

Senior Vice President

JT Smith

Associate Vice President of Interactive

Seth Tongchinsub

General Counsel

Brad Stephenson

Senior Director of Client Services and Special Projects

Geoff Roebuck

Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Jenna Sheffo

Director of Finance and Operations

Amy Mathis

Director of Agency Projects

Ron Tutko

Director of Call Center Operations

Analisse Dunne

Human Resource Administrator

Jordan Grace

Senior Data Engineer

Kahlianne Jones

Data and Analytics Manager

Margaret Simmons

Jr. Data Analyst

TJ Bruno

Account Manager

Meggan Hoyman

Account Manager

Laura Greenawalt

Account Manager

Ed Grieser

Conversion Optimization Manager

Lydia Borovina

Senior Media Planner

Alyssa Krozely

Online Marketing Manager

Tim Fitzgerald

Online Marketing Manager

Peter Zirpoli

Online Marketing Manager

Stephen Shunk

IT Specialist

Sean Vargo

Senior Team Lead

Samual Lothard

Senior Team Lead

Troy Stone

Graphic Design Specialist

Annalisa Copen

Graphic Design Specialist

John Anderson

Online Marketing Specialist

Fitzgerald Robertson

Social Advertising Specialist

Emily Berringer

Online Marketing Specialist

Stephen Puskar

Project Manager I

Emily Somerhalder

Project Manager I

Ian Herzing

Project Manager Intern

Margaret Burnett

Account Specialist

Hillary Wilson

Marketing Copywriter

Melissa Piper

Front End Developer

Tim King

Front End Developer

Dan Dix

Web Production Specialist