The Level edge starts with the team

With unique experience and expertise, each team member actively contributes to our clients’ success. Our elite teams collaborate strategically to communicate complex value propositions to hyper-targeted audiences at every stage of the funnel.


Portrait of Thomas Donohoe

Thomas Donohoe


Portrait of Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson


Thomas Hudak


Portrait of Patrick VanGorder

Patrick Van Gorder

Executive Vice President

Portrait of JT Smith

JT Smith

Associate Vice President of Operations

Portrait of Brad Stephenson

Brad Stephenson

Team Lead III

Portrait of Geoff Roebuck

Geoff Roebuck

Team Lead II

Portrait of TJ Bruno

TJ Bruno

Team Lead

Portrait of Laura Greenawalt

Laura Greenawalt

Team Lead

Portrait of Jenna Kerr

Jenna Kerr


Portrait of Seth Tongchinsub

Seth Tongchinsub

General Counsel

Portrait of Craig Ferrence

Craig Ferrence

Creative Director III

Portrait of Tim Fitzgerald

Tim Fitzgerald

Media Director

Portrait of Kahlianne Jones

Kahlianne Jones

Data Director

Portrait of Jordan Grace

Jordan Grace

Data Engineer II

Portrait of Leo Rubiano

Leo Rubiano

Data Engineer II

Portrait of Jenna Bluedorn

Jenna Bluedorn

Account Manager

Portrait of Jess Echement

Jessica Echement

Account Manager

Portrait of Jonathan Gaugler

Jonathan Gaugler

Creative Manager, Copy

Portrait of Keefer Kopco

Keefer Kopco

Media Manager

Heather Luna

Media Manager

Portrait of Matt Morran

Matthew Morran

Media Manager

Portrait of Dillan Nardulli

Dillan Nardulli

Media Manager

Portrait of Dale Riether

Dale Riether

Account Manager

Portrait of Christina Starkweather

Christina Starkweather

Analyst III

Portrait of Lydia Borovina

Lydia Borovina

Analyst II

Portrait of Dan Dix

Dan Dix

Creative Producer, Dev II

Portrait of Troy Stiles

Troy Stiles

Account Coordinator II

Headshot of Lucas Beardsley

Lucas Beardlsey

Media Analyst

Portrait of Caity Bell

Caitlin Bell

Creative Producer, Copy

Portrait of Micah Brightwell

Micah Brightwell

Creative Producer, Design

Portrait of Addison Burger

Addison Burger

Account Coordinator

Imani Burgess

Account Coordinator

Portrait of Rico Galassi

Rico Galassi

Creative Producer, Dev

Portrait of Ashley Gordon

Ashley Gordon

Creative Producer, Dev

Portrait of Caitlin Hachman

Caitlin Hachman

Creative Producer, Design

Portrait of Emily Halpern

Emily Halpern

Account Coordinator

Portrait of Ian Herzing

Ian Herzing

Resource Analyst

Portrait of Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones

Media Analyst

Portrait of Matt Rose

Matt Rose

IT Coordinator

Headshot of Erin Shriber

Erin Shriber

Account Coordinator

Portrait of Felix Strater

Felix Strater IV

Media Analyst

Portrait of Abby Young

Abigail Young

Media Analyst

Portrait of Gloria Zhang

Gloria Zhang

Media Analyst

Portrait of Nathan Zoob

Nathan Zoob

Media Analyst