Centers of Excellence

Level Agency operates four Centers of Excellence that deliver thought leadership, best practices, research and development, and support that keep all our clients at the forefront of the performance digital marketing ecosystem.

These teams of subject matter experts (SMEs) contribute to superior client outcomes by optimizing resources, increasing efficiency, minimizing waste, and improving ROI.


Our Client Partnership Center of Excellence is dedicated to efficiently and effectively leveraging research, the results of rigorous testing, and strategic and creative thinking to continually exceed our clients’ growth objectives.

Brad Stephenson

SVP, Client Success

Laura Greenawalt

Strategic Marketing Lead

Emily Halpern

Account Director I

Jessica Kuhn

Team Lead I, Ecommerce

Myles Biggs

VP, Operations & Integration


The Creative Center of Excellence provides thought leadership and creative direction; promote best practices; delivers training where needed; inspires the creative work and helps to deliver a better overall creative product.

Mike Rubino

Creative Director II

Micah Brightwell

Creative Producer II, Design

Jonathan Gaugler

Creative Manager II

Dale Riether

Digital Marketing Lead


Our Data Center of Excellence ensures our data driven framework – from how we track actions online, through integrations across platforms, to analytics tools that empower our teams and attribution modeling that drives cross channel decisions.

Kyle Taljan

Data Scientist

Dan Dix

Creative Manager I

Tim Fitzgerald

Media Services Lead

Jordan Grace

Data Manager II


The Media Center of Excellence sets the standard in performance marketing – We make the rules so we can break them. We make the complex simple. We turn pixels into dollars.

Felix Strater

Media Director I

Brendan Watson

Media Manager II

Abby Young

Media Manager III

Matt Beaulieu

Media Manager I, SEO