The Level Business Intelligence Dashboard

Make better marketing decisions with real-time insights into all your campaigns. The industry’s best and only dashboard you’ll need, our proprietary cross-platform reporting system provides insights, analysis, and action in a user-friendly interface to guide your decisions.

Answer major business questions and objectives.

Our Dashboard provides a high-level glimpse of campaigns, including how money is being spent across all channels. Customize filters and KPIs to see the data that you need to manage your marketing budget to maximize ROI.

Understand campaign and channel efficacy details.

Get a granular view of performance data by tracking multiple KPIs of campaigns, including cost, impressions, clicks, inquiries, and more relevant metrics. Filters let you segment data down to an ad-by-ad level to understand performance against each KPI.

See how campaigns assist one another with cross-channel attribution.

Use advanced analytics to understand the impact that one ad has on another. Your marketing campaigns are part of a holistic strategy, a digital ecosystem with numerous touch points that eventually drive a consumer to a certain action. Cross-channel attribution provides specific data of how a channel is affecting how a customer behaves in another channel.



increase in inquiries attributed to media campaigns


decrease in programmatic CPI when including post-view and post-click inquiry assists


lift in conversions for those who saw an ad on Facebook vs. those who didn’t