Whitney is a passionate Mississippian, deeply committed to her local culture and community. Born and raised in Mississippi, she possesses a genuine love for her roots and a strong desire to contribute to the growth and development of her community.

In 2007, Whitney earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic communication from Southern Miss, where she honed her creative skills and developed a keen eye for design. Building upon her foundation, she pursued a Master’s in Mass Communication at USM in 2012, further expanding her knowledge and expertise in the field.

Whitney’s professional journey has been marked by diverse experiences, showcasing her adaptability and versatility. She has successfully managed in-house operations for an institution with over 1,000 employees, demonstrating her ability to handle complex projects and coordinate large teams. Additionally, she has thrived as the sole designer for a private firm, taking full ownership of creative projects and delivering outstanding results. Notably, she has also excelled as a creative director in the fast-paced publishing industry, and most recently for an all-remote digital marketing agency driving innovative design strategies.

One of Whitney’s defining characteristics is her ability to generate positive energy, which naturally inspires those around her. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for her work make her a valuable asset to any team or project. Whether she is undertaking a comprehensive rebranding campaign or crafting a customer journey, Whitney approaches each task with dedication, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Whitney is an avid dancer and yoga instructor. She also has a penchant for crime dramas, exploring Mississippi’s great outdoors, and domestic and international travel.