Tactics for Remarketing Beyond the Holidays

BY: Level Agency
December 21, 2018

The holiday season brings big spending, and chances are, e-commerce retailers will see a flood of purchases from one-time buyers. This could spell trouble for remarketing efforts. How should marketers treat these new prospects, who may not align with their usual likely buyers?

Search Engine Land has an interesting take, with four tactics for post-holiday e-commerce marketing to these buyers. These include:

Segment and block: creatively segment holiday shopper audiences and block from ongoing remarketing efforts.

Upcycle holiday audiences: look for other seasonal opportunities, and target with gift-centric messaging.

Improve inventory management: Consider using these shoppers as holiday lists, segment by product, and go for the upsell. You may be able to make way for fresh inventory.

Nurture: Can you make loyalists out of bigger holiday customers? Assess larger buyers, or those focused on a single product category, and remarket accordingly.

Level Insight: Smart remarketing means careful attention to audience segmentation tactics. The holiday shopping rush is an especially good opportunity to examine customer buying habits and make sure your lists work for and not against you.

Read the full article at Search Engine Land.



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