Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion


Level Agency is committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

We believe that our agency and our leadership team should be a representative and richly-diverse cross-section of the people of our country. We believe that diversity of ideas and experiences leads to better client results. We believe that our hiring practices and cultural norms must support inclusivity, and that it will take ongoing investment and focus on these principles to drive sustained progress.​


Hiring, Opportunities, and Leadership

  • Benchmark team diversity
  • Drive greater applicant pool diversity
  • Establish internship / apprentice program

Onboarding and Training

  • Develop more expansive onboarding program that clarifies success and addresses imposter syndrome
  • Provide ongoing continuing education opportunities
  • Launch an “I need help with <x>” tool that makes it simple for remote employees to request assistance

Policies and Norms

  • Establish “community agreements” to support psychological safety
  • Audit all internal and external policies with a lens of inclusivity
  • Audit brand voice, organic and paid messaging

Community Engagement

  • Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility platform and empower team members to feel purpose by putting their valuable skills to use to the benefit of our larger communities



What are Community Agreements?

A consensus on what every person in our group needs from each other and commits to each other in order to feel safe, supported, open, productive and trusting… so that we can do our best work achieve our common vision, and serve our clients well.

Our Community Agreements

#1 Be willing to grow and learn: Ask why, be curious, be present and engaged, come in with a growth a mindset, be open to being wrong, be willing to change, be comfortable outside of your comfort zone, get to the root.
#2 Listen openly: Assume good intentions, give the benefit of doubt, appreciate and respect the POV others.
#3 Respond thoughtfully and respectfully: Be honest and vulnerable, don’t be defensive, listen to understand not to respond, speak for yourself, not others, attack the problem not the person.
#4 Encourage courage: Notice and address power dynamics, create space for truth, make this a “brave” space for all participants.