Sherpa Software, a leading provider of eDiscovery and Information Governance Software as a Service (SaaS), turned to Level to implement a best-practice B2B customer generation strategy that would maximize their sales pipeline.


more leads


better landing page conversion rate


lower cost per marketing qualified lead​


​When this 15-year-old tech company started to reach a point of market saturation for their tried-and-true legacy products, they partnered with Level to develop a strategy that would help them pivot their demand generation toward an exciting new Sherpa product, Altitude IG.

The marketing challenge was to take a purchase that had always been reactive (“I’m involved in litigation — what SaaS solutions can help me?”) and make it proactive (“I need to actively manage for ongoing eDiscovery and Information Governance needs.”), and to do that with an ROI-accountable direct-response budget.​


​Several underlying factors contributed to the success of this initiative:​

​Focus on high intent through Search.​

Through a detailed keyword and audience analysis, Level discovered that the majority of IT decision makers came to Sherpa through Paid Search ads. To address this audience, Level expanded Google, Bing, and Yahoo! keyword lists to focus on long-tail queries and implemented an iterative A/B testing strategy that would improve ad response rates. ​​

​Reach legal stakeholders and C-level decision makers through content and Social.​

​Considering industry trends and learnings gleaned from other clients, Level recommended using a content marketing approach to generate inquiries about Sherpa’s products at earlier stages in the funnel. We introduced LinkedIn sponsored content to target secondary C-Level and legal audiences that are typically involved in the decision-making process, serving them ads for white papers that address significant issues in the current data world. Gating the content on the landing pages facilitated web lead generation, pushing the mid-funnel leads into a nurturing campaign.​

​Optimize landing pages to convert visitors to prospects.​

​Level quickly developed a flexible set of landing page templates that allowed Sherpa to send paid traffic only to pages that were designed to efficiently convert expensive clicks into leads. This focus on direct-response advertising best practices, along with the development of an aggressive Landing Page Optimization (LPO) program more than doubled landing page conversion rates.​

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​Implementation of Level’s demand generation strategy has shown marked campaign improvements from Q1 to Q2, including a 254% improvement in landing page conversion rates. Over that period, Level has expanded the lead pipeline by over 47%, while simultaneously improving efficiency and lowering Sherpa’s cost per lead by almost 41%.​