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Since becoming their Digital Agency of Record, we have maximized ROI for Sentric HR and positioned them as an emerging leader in the mid-market HR SaaS space. Working closely with the Sentric marketing team, we’ve employed a range of integrated digital strategies to increase lead volume while reducing cost.


decrease in paid media cost per contact while increasing contact volume​


increase in paid search conversion​


​To become a leader in the competitive space at the intersection of technological and human interaction, Sentric needed a powerful digital presence and a comprehensive, multichannel approach to lead generation. Sentric’s marketing dollars had to work harder to compete with established players that spend 10–100X more in media. ​


​​Several underlying factors contributed to the success of this initiative:

​An effective digital presence. ​

​Our in-house design and development team reimagined and re-launched the website, on budget and on schedule. Stellar content and user experience design improved conversion rates and brand credibility.​

​Excellence in multichannel advertising. ​

​We employed a comprehensive and innovative approach to digital campaigns, demonstrating new options to Sentric that maximize their return on investment. We introduced programmatic retargeting campaigns, new LinkedIn campaigns, and a B2B-targeted Facebook campaign that outperformed all other ad platforms.​

​A robust, engaging content strategy​.

B2B consumers expect value in return for spending time with a brand online. From a series of accessible, informative videos to an in-depth eBook, we helped Sentric utilize strong content and intuitive engagement strategies to improve landing page conversion rates by 184% in a year and equipped the sales staff with a new set of powerful selling tools.​​



​Our test-and-learn fundamentals and measurable ROI focus have yielded continued pipeline value increases for Sentric.

  • Decreased overall paid media cost per contacts by 40%, and increased contact volume. Optimization continues, and recent cost per contact is even lower — the lowest in account history by a wide margin.
  • Produced a 2X first-year return on advertising spend.
  • Increased paid search conversion rate by 185%.
  • Powered paid social to deliver 161% more leads than paid search at an 89% lower cost per lead. ​

​What I see most consistently out of Level is an unparalleled effort (and I spent nearly 15 years agency side) to do what it takes to earn, keep and grow our business. They hold themselves accountable through the kind of data analytics most clients never see, and let results drive whatever comes next.

Colleen Stroh
Director of Marketing - Sentric




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