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We helped our e-commerce client increase AOV & conversion rate through website optimization



By gearing the website navigation toward top sellers, the change was able to generate a:


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A high-end leather good company had a website full of beautiful products from handbags to luggage to wallets, but the main navigation was repetitive, disorganized, and it made it difficult to not only casually browse, but to find what consumers were looking for.


The existing website navigation led to a lower than average conversion rate compared to our industry benchmarks.


To combat this, we used the free tool (Google Optimize) and followed this process:


Step 1: Set a hypothesis. The hypothesis was simple, if we make it easier for users to find the top selling products on the site, J.W Hulme will sell more of them.


Step 2: Use Google Optimize to split traffic between the existing navigation and the test navigation.


Step 3: Run the test until a reasonable statistical significance was reached.


Change is the only constant in today’s marketing ecosystem, and it’s happening FAST. Level Agency and its team of digital marketing scientists are experts at helping clients improve performance and acquire knowledge through its test, learn, grow framework.


Use design thinking principles to understand rapidly changing consumer challenges, formulate hypotheses, and develop creative prototypes.


Run experiments using lean methods that teach us more about our audiences and their preferences; measure results in real-time.

Allocate additional marketing resources to exploit the new knowledge; tweak campaigns to be better every day; identify the next logical test, and run the cycle again.


Designed for life’s adventures.


J.W. Hulme has crafted the finest leather goods for more than a century. Today they make products loved by modern adventurers, travelers, life explorers, and those with a taste for the unique. Every travel bag, briefcase, and handbag is designed to be a resilient companion for all your journeys, whether around the world or across town. Each bag offers the sensory experience of high-quality leather made from American hides, with solid brass hardware and heavy weight stitching.