We helped our fasion e-commerce client increase return on ad spend by 62% for dynamic product ads




Christopher and Banks has consistently seen success in driving new customers (as well as driving additional purchases from existing customers) from dynamic product ads due to a comprehensive audience strategy. Most think of dynamic product ads as “set it and forget it”, but as consumer behaviors change and competition increases, you need to weaponize your product feed and find new ways to entice your customers to purchase. Our goal, take the average ROAS performance from the last few months and try to find a way to beat it by only changing the product title.


C&B had a product title structure in all dynamic platforms (Shopping, Facebook, Display) that is more conducive to SEM. These titles are typically longer and start with the brand name. However, while having more keywords in your title can be beneficial for some, that’s not the case on social. Level tested out taking the brand name out of the product titles and shortening them in order to play nicer within Facebook’s platform. So instead of seeing ‘Christopher and Banks’ first under the product, customers would see what the actual product is called.


Now that we’ve set the new baseline ROAS for dynamic product ads, our next goal is to find creative ways to use dynamic text elements (price, shipping, sale, etc.) to drive incremental ROAS in dynamic product ads.

Change is the only constant in today’s marketing ecosystem, and it’s happening FAST. Level Agency and its team of digital marketing scientists are experts at helping clients improve performance and acquire knowledge through its test, learn, grow framework.

Use design thinking principles to understand rapidly changing consumer challenges, formulate hypotheses, and develop creative prototypes.

Run experiments using lean methods that teach us more about our audiences and their preferences; measure results in real-time.

Allocate additional marketing resources to exploit the new knowledge; tweak campaigns to be better every day; identify the next logical test, and run the cycle again.


The Christopher & Banks story starts in 1956, when founder Gil Braun opened his first store—then called Braun’s Fashions—in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He opened it with “Her” in mind: local women who were full of life and wisdom, confident in their beliefs, and in search of wardrobes that reflected their lifestyle and make them feel fabulous at a price they loved.

In the decades that followed, the trends and company name have ebbed with the times while the mission has endured—outfitting women in confidence and style. In 2000, CJ Banks launched to meet the underserved needs of women’s sizes 14-24 and continues to be a pillar of the brand.

Today, Christopher & Banks still focuses on putting Her first by providing our customers with the design, value, and service which helps her looks nad feel amazing, in everyday life and in her most special moments. Carefully created with real women in mind we offer missy, women’s, and petite sizes for an effortless experience to finding the perfect fit.